Tobacco use accounts for excessive health care spending and productivity losses for countless employers across the nation. BeniComp’s® Tobacco Cessation Program serves to decrease employer spending while helping employees reach their cessation goals.

BeniComp’s Tobacco Cessation Program has a quit rate of 32%!

How It Works:

  • Prior to implementation, BeniComp’s Account Services Team determines an appropriate incentive for participants who achieve tobacco cessation.
  • Upon enrollment, each participant is paired with a personal Health Coach who works with them to:
    • Conduct an in-depth individual assessment
    • Address personal lifestyle factors
    • Identify barriers to tobacco cessation
    • Create a plan and establish a “quit date”
  • Tobacco cessation coaching sessions are conducted over the phone on a schedule that meets the participant’s needs.
  • Incentives are rewarded to those who quit tobacco use.
  • Continual support is provided for a full year to ensure sustained lifestyle change.
  • Employers can view aggregate statistics such as engagement and quit rate, as well as incentives distributed through the Corporate Health Dashboard.