Supplemental wellness insurance policy for high deductible plans

What is BeniComp® Advantage?

BeniComp Advantage (BCA) is a supplemental benefit plan that saves employees money on high deductible healthcare plans while promoting positive health outcomes.

BeniComp Advantage offers participants:

  • Incentives resulting in substantially lower annual deductibles or monthly premiums.
  • Personal health risk information through convenient on-site screenings.
  • Tools and resources to make healthy lifestyle changes and improve health outcomes.

BeniComp Advantage is the most affordable way to decrease healthcare costs for employers and employees alike.

Check out the top seven reasons to consider BeniComp Advantage.

How It Works

A BeniComp Advantage representative works with you to develop a customized supplemental plan design. Supplemental health plans give participants the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in credits toward a lower deductible or premium rate.

Employees earn rewards through participating in an on-site health screening and achieving company-wide goals. Confidential screening results are delivered to participants via PULSE, our secure online portal. Those with high risk results are contacted by a Registered Nurse and provided with free and convenient one-on-one health coaching via phone.

Employers receive reports through the PULSE Corporate Dashboard. This aggregate data is utilized to create company goals for the following year, as well as other annual wellness initiatives.

Understanding Incentives & Plan Design

Employers choose how many incentives to include in their plan design, and the value of each incentive. Incentives can be participation-based or outcome-based. Employees participate in an annual screening to earn the incentives.

Let BeniComp navigate the web of compliance regulations so that you can focus on the business that you do best.

Launching a wellness program is more complicated than it may appear. Today’s programs must comply with multiple governing agencies, each with their own set of regulations. Failing to meet any of these guidelines can have major consequences, reversing the outcome of your efforts. 

As a supplemental benefit plan, BeniComp Advantage is not only fully compliant with all pertinent laws, it is excepted from many regulations that apply to primary benefit plans.