Frequently Asked Questions - For Participants

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FAQs - For Participants
When will my screening take place?

Once BeniComp Advantage is implemented, the screening will be scheduled. Once scheduled, BeniComp will contact you by email with the date, time, and place of the screening. If this is an individual screening, the participant will be called directly for confirmation. 

Why can't we just do a finger stick blood test?

A finger stick blood test is an option. However, the venipuncture test we recommend can actually be less painful, costs less, and provides a comprehensive blood panel of 17 biomarkers. Combined with height, weight, hip circumference, and blood pressure, employees will have a great snapshot of their overall health. 

I've completed the screening and earned all of my rewards. What do I do now?

Continue the healthy lifestyle you are already enjoying. You will have access to PULSE if you want additional resources or information for a healthy lifestyle. If not, we will see you next year at the screening. 

I have completed the screening and have failed credits. What do I do now?

A member of the BeniComp Clinical Team will reach out to you shortly. They will provide education on your results and associated risks. If you want additional resources and support, our team of Health Coaches will work with you personally to help you reach your goals. Haven't heard from our team yet? Login to PULSE at any time for more information. 

I am pregnant and I failed BMI. What can I do?

Any employee who believes test results are inaccurate, or it is medically inadvisable for them to attempt to achieve the set goals, may appeal for full credit. An appeal must be received by BeniComp within 30 days of a participant receiving screening results. 

Is there an alternative goal I can meet to receive credit?

If it is unreasonably difficult due to a medical condition for you to achieve the standards for a reward under this program, or it is medically inadvisable for you to attempt to achieve the standards for the reward, there may be alternative ways to qualify. Instructions for appeals and alternatives will be provided when you receive your results. 

If I failed credits, is there any chance my employer will know?

All screening results and outreach are completely confidential. Employers see aggregate health data and are able to structure future programs and incentives based on this data, but individual results are confidential. 

What should I expect when I get screened?

For the vast majority of participants, you will experience no issues. The screening will be no different than when you give blood in your physician's office or a lab. However, some may have slight bruising. Please refer to your screening confirmation email for details on how to prepare for the screening. 

Why should employees use BeniComp Advantage?

BCA is the most affordable way to decrease healthcare costs for employers and employees alike.

BCA offers participants:

  • Incentives – resulting in substantially lower annual deductibles or monthly premiums;
  • Personal health-risk information through convenient on-site screenings;
  • Tools and resources to make healthy lifestyle changes and improve health outcomes.