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FAQs - For Employers
What makes BeniComp Advantage different from other corporate wellness programs?

While other programs make wellness an expensive add-on, BeniComp Advantage is a core piece of your employee benefits. BeniComp Advantage looks to identify, realign and manage your company's health risk. Our outcome-based incentives are customized to fit your company needs and culture. Meaningful incentives offer participants thousands of dollars towards a lower deductible or premium. BeniComp Advantage's substantial cost-effective rewards result in an unsurpassed average participation rate of 96%.

What type of incentives should we utilized?

Incentives can be placed on monthly premium rates or annual deductible amounts. Deductible incentives are the most cost effective. In addition, employers can use both participation and outcome-based incentives. Participation incentives are easy to earn and increase engagement. Outcome-based incentives, while harder to earn, encourage continued engagement.

As an employer, what can I place incentives on?

Incentives can only be placed on biomarkers that are lifestyle related:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • Glucose (or A1C)
  • Nicotine
How are reward levels determined?

BeniComp will work with you to determine what level of reward best suits your corporate needs and culture. Predetermined goals can be set at National Institutes of Health (NIH) level, Standard level or Generous level. BeniComp can also work with you to set custom goals. 

When do employees screen?

Once BeniComp Advantage is implemented, one of the first steps is to schedule the employee screening. A BeniComp representative works with you to determine the best date for your screening(s). Medical professionals will be on-site to complete the screening. BeniComp will provide all employee correspondence, including date confirmation and how to prepare for a screening. 

Once screenings are done, what information will I receive?

Employers do not see individual test results. Through the Coprorate Health Dashboard, employers can quickly view aggregate data and create reports based on participation, engagement, healthcare costs, claims information, and population health risks. 

How will employees receive their results?

Employees have a personal login to PULSE, an online health portal where they can view their own results, access resources, communicate with Health Coaches, and much more. Paper results letters can be mailed if needed. (Fees may apply).

Will spouses and dependent children be screened? Does everyone have to participate?

Dependent children will not be screened. The company's plan design determines whether a spousal screening earns incentives. Participation in the supplemental program is voluntary. 

What is BeniCompĀ® Advantage?

BeniComp® Advantage (BCA) is a supplemental benefit plan that saves employees money on high deductible healthcare plans while promoting positive health outcomes.

Why should employers use BeniComp Advantage?

BCA is the most affordable way to decrease healthcare costs for employers and employees alike.

BCA offers employers:

  • Savings – lower monthly premiums associated with high deductible health plans and healthier
  • employees;
  • Aggregate health data – to tailor programs that fit their employee needs;
  • Increased ROI in additional areas such as workers compensation, dental, vision, absenteeism and presenteeism.
How are incentives determined?

Employers choose how many incentives to include in their plan design, and how much to make each one worth. Employees may earn any and all of those incentives. In subsequent years, employers are armed with aggregate health reports that help pinpoint risks their employees are facing and are then able to tailor future incentives to employee needs.

What happens when a participant fails a credit?

BeniComp® proactively reaches out to all employees with a moderate, high or critical health risk. PULSE notifies all participants of moderate risk factors while providing personalized recommendations. Health Coaches make outbound phone calls to notify participants of high risk factors. If participants want additional resources and continued support, coaches will work with them on an individual basis. BeniComp’s® clinical director makes outbound calls to notify participants of critical risk factors and will refer participants to their primary care physician when needed.

Is BeniComp Advantage compliant?

Launching a wellness program is more complicated that it may appear. Today’s programs must comply with multiple governing agencies, each with their own set of regulations. Failing to meet any of these guidelines can have major consequences, reversing the outcome of your efforts. As a supplemental benefit plan, BeniComp® Advantage is not only fully compliant with all pertinent laws, it is excepted from many regulations that apply to primary benefit plans. Let BeniComp® navigate the web of compliance regulations so that you can focus on the business you do best.