top seven reasons for benicomp advantage


Chronic conditions account for at least 75% of total healthcare spending in the US. BeniComp Advantage targets 5 biomarkers linked to these chronic conditions.


Outcome-based deductible incentives are the most effective, affordable way for an employer to offer monetary incentives to employees.


Deductible incentives allow for substantial incentives that would not be possible through any other means.


Meaningful incentives result in an average participation rate of 96% compared to other wellness programs at 20% or less.


BeniComp® Advantage cultivates participation of the total population, gathering annual screening data for everyone. Other wellness programs tend to attract the already healthy employees, accomplishing very little. BeniComp® Advantage targets those at the greatest risk of incurring major claims who are in need of support.


Healthcare costs are redistributed. Participants with greater health risks carry higher deductibles, but the program doesn’t stop there! They are motivated and supported to decrease their health risk and earn incentives the following year.


Predictive Health Management and wellness are built right into BeniComp® Advantage’s plan design making it a cost effective insurance plan that promotes better health at the same time.